Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Hoppin' Linky!

Instead of telling you how my first two full days of teaching have gone, I'm going to show you my favorite part from my first day:

My parents are absolutely amazing!!!! Such a nice surprise :)

Now it's LINKY TIME from Blog Hoppin'!!

Prezi is pretty much PowerPoint on steroids and I am addicted!!Here's the link to check it out:Prezi

I made some amazing presentations when I student taught and I use my first one tomorrow with my own classes. The kids are absolutely amazed by them and they are able to focus sooooo much better! 

I mean, really...look how awesome this looks!

Has anyone else used this and have any tips they want to share?

Your turn!! Link up!!

Y'all Enjoy

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  1. I love Prezi! I used it with my second graders for the first time this year at our annual Dinosaur Museum presentation. They did the research in partner groups and used the Prezi as a way to display their knowledge. Thanks for the follow. I am a new follower. :)